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Documentation .CHM nit...

(Thursday, June 12, 2014)

PDIR help page.

The link for "

output fields and format
" goes to "
/N Turn off the specified options.

not to where it starts of with:

"The /(...) option specifies which fields you want to display and how to format them. (You can have multiple /(...) options on a line.) The syntax is:"
Not reproducible here -- unless you're referring to the /N option displaying at the top of the page and the /(...) option at the bottom. (Which would be dependent on the size of your help window.)

That is WAD; the link takes you to the part of the page that includes the link; it does not scroll that link to the top of the page (and everything else off, in this case).
On the .CHM page for PDIR, under the Format: section - I click the link for the /() option, which takes me to the bottom of the page - to the /() Use this option to define (....), neither of which gives a link to the description of what one can use inside the parens, which I would assume would be helpful.

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