After update to 24.02.49, helpfile tcmd.chm hangs when opened

Dec 17, 2009
Yesterday, I used updater.exe to install latest version.
The process ran very slowly, taking much longer than usual.

Today, it seems the current tcmd.chm may be damaged, or the local file got damaged during the update.
When called it hangs, with only a blank window displayed.

Anyone else had any trouble updating?

I downloaded the tcmd.chm from the website, and while it can be run, topics picked from the table of contents or the index will not open, and searches do not return results.

It seems the error is really on my end - any .CHM file on my system either will not open, or if it does, will not let me get at the actual help texts.

After some searching, this may be a known Windows bug related to .CHM files downloaded from the web, which are now marked as unsafe after Windows Update KB4103727. However, this can't be the whole story, because tcmd.chm and other help files are not marked as unsafe: the mentioned Unblock option is missing in their right-click properties menu.

After some more searching, and applying the current Windows monthly roll-up Update KB4493472, all .chm-file based help works again. So this has definitely been a Windows issue. Nothing wrong with TCMD.
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