Debug Works, Release does not

Well, even though I am too old to learn something new, I thought I would give it a try.

I installed Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 on my Windows 7 64-bit system.

I downloaded the latest SDK, and loaded the Plugin Project.

I successfully compiled the PlugIn.dll under Debug Build.

I successfully loaded it into TCC/LE 13, and it works;
Plugin:         @reverse        _hello          remark          UNKNOWN_CMD     *key

When I switch to Release Build, it successfully compiles, but I get the following when I try to load it into TCC/LE 13;
[C:\Users\jlc\Documents\tcc_plugin\sdk\Release]plugin /l PlugIn.dll
TCC: (Sys) The specified procedure could not be found.

Yes, I did a
plugin /u *
before trying to load the Release Build.

If the "InitializePlugin" procedure could be found in the Debug Build, why can it not be found in the Release Build?

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