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Done Hotkeys in @SELECT

Posted a new improvement suggestion on UserVoice:

Ability to define a set of hotkeys that can be used when on top a line in the @select window, which will immediately close the select window, and return the key pressed in a set variable name. Using this ability would disable the string matching behavior.

This is useful when creating a custom file manager window (e.g. movie library manager), and you want to enable the user to apply one of multiple actions on the file (e.g. Watch, View thumbnail, etc.).

Example syntax could be:
I use the @select function a lot, and today I perform the multiple actions by having a secondary @select window open after pressing the first Enter on a line (file). The new search box messed this functionality even more, so I would be glad even to be able to go back to the old search functionality. But hotkeys will be sweet - drop the 2ndary menu altogether.