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Declined Remember the Help "Select Topic" window settings

Nice to have: Remember the Help "Select Topic" window settings in between uses.
I typically move everything except the Title out of the way.

Even better would be some setting where a user could choose to display only the title column without the location and rank. I can't remember the last time this data was useful.

Since I know I'm using the "Take Command / TCC v. 21" help and the displayed items are sorted by rank anyway. I don't even know how to search in multiple help files using the Help tool.
So, when you open the local help file and do a search (search tab), there is a window with all the search results below the search box. Just above the column "Title" you should see "Select topic:", thus the subject reference.

On my help file display this "box" takes up most of the vertical space on the left of the help display. These "Tabs" (Contents, Index, Search, Favorites) can be hidden by using the options pull down on the top ribbon, although I can't imagine not taking advantage of the help topic location methods provided.

The other visible columns are "Location" and "Rank". These are the ones I almost never use and resize to hide so I can see more of the Title column content. This is the positioning I would like preserved.

I use this a great deal and will be disappointed if it goes away in favor of only web based help and/or PDF docs. I'm sure I can use the help pdf to search, bookmark and highlight the subjects I need, but I prefer this format.

This is a nice to have suggestion since resizing the cols. isn't a big deal.

I imagine there is a great many hours expended just keeping the content accurate and up to date. For that reason alone, I don't think Rex will want to spend much time on improving the interface. Pretty sure the display software isn't a JPSoft product, which would make this request moot.

That said; I had to ask, not knowing what is and isn't possible. How this product is accomplished is way outside of my knowledge-base.
Understood. It was worth a shot. I'm just happy to have an off-line help available.

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