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How to add a ruler to the screen on Windows 10

This is a configurable screen ruler for measuring in pixels, centimeters, inches, points and percent.

Source code is available.

In terms of creating something similar to the measure app on an iPhone, it might be a bit challenging to implement such a feature within Zapworks Studio. But you could potentially explore the use of external libraries or APIs to achieve this functionality.
Hey there! Welcome to the world of Zapworks and WebAR, we're glad to have you here.
Regarding your question, measuring the distance or length between two tracking points in Zapworks Studio is not currently possible. However, I suggest taking a look at https://ruler.onl/. It's a great online ruler that can help you measure the length of different items and can be accessed through the web without needing an app.
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Here's another sort of ruler (see pic). You can move it up/down in the console (Windows Terminal too) with Up/Dn; Esc to quit. It erases it's own command line (that's where the next prompt goes) and restores any line it overwrites. It's valuable when formatting console output in a BTM or a C program. It's an EXE, available at ftp://vefatica.net/ruler.zip. It looks like this.

Hey @Joe Caverly, I use that one too but I couldn't remember where it was from until I looked at "About ...". Did you know it can be scaled manually in case it's a little off (as it was here). That's in Settings\General\Scaling\Configure. My scaling is manual with these settings.

Hey! I've used similar tools for design work. You can try searching online for downloadable screen rulers. Some even offer customizable units like pixels, centimeters, and inches. For example, you can check out this online ruler at ruler.onl. It works with any metric system and is very handy. I hope this helps!
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