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How to read remotely screen-saver time-out count-down?

How to read remotely screen-saver time-out count-down?

Hello everybody, I would like to do this.
There is a remote pc with windows where it might have been activated the screensaver.
Imagine that it has been set to start after 15 minutes of inactivity.
Now, a few minutes ago the user of that pc stopped working to go drink a coffee, for example.
From my pc, I would like to see in how many minutes/second the screensaver will start on that remote pc.
Of course I cannot go to work directly on that pc, I would reset the count down.
Is it possible to read this value from the remote registry, with TakeCommand, CMD, PowerShell, WMIC or any methods?
Also, is it possible to read if/when the remote screensaver has been started?

Thank You and regards

Rodolfo Giovanninetti