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Done In ftp operations time stamps should be copied

The FTP protocol does not natively support copying the time stamp when uploading a file, but most FTP servers have implemented way to alter the time stamp of a file.

Several GUI FTP tools support this, and so should TCC. This would make it possible to use the SYNC function with FTP servers too. (I haven't investigated if this works with some FTP servers, but I saw that it did not work with the Serv-U FTP server in version 7.4.)

It requires that TCC detects which kind of FTP server it communicates with, and uses the correct syntax of the MTDM command to set the time stamp to the "last modified" time of the source file.

From what I understand, other FTP servers does not always have a time zone option with the MTDM command, as Serv-U has.

Peter Almer Frederiksen