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May 14, 2008
Set permissions for FTP files

I sometimes copy files to a web or FTP server with TCC batch files. If the batch file creates a new file on the server, I must then fire up SSH or an FTP client to fix the permissions on the new files. It would be nice if TCC could set Unix permissions natively. Some possibilities:

1. Add a /CHMOD: option to COPY, MOVE, MD, etc. (ignored unless the target is a remove Unix/Linux system)

2. Add an internal CHMOD command that works with an IFTP session

3. Add a default setting for new files/directories created on Unix systems, via either IFTP option, or OPTION directive.

Yes, I do understand the the v20 feature list is closed. Idea for later versions.

Charles Dye on July 19, 2016 13:24
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