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Just a curiosity question related to the "default" set of re-mapped characters...

Charles, I want make it clear here that this not a complaint because the "problem" has a very-simple solution. But I do wonder why you made the decision you made regarding commas; they are such profound "trouble makers" for me that every single batch file that I've ever written that uses a "...Safe..." anything (I actually did a "find command" on all of the .btm files I've ever written) invariably begins with (it is literally the first line after "@Echo Off", "SetLocal", and any function definitions) "UnSafe /E:, >NUL:", and ends, of course, with "UnSafe /R >NUL:"
I've never had much trouble with commas; my own bête noirs are less-than and greater-than signs and ampersands (which are of course heavily used in HTML.)

If you like, you can add the comma to the default list like so:
unsafe /e:, /s

... and it will be treated as "dangerous" by default: easier than modifying all your batch files!
Charles, you are, as always, correct; and I was even dimly aware of that capability. However, the "dimly" is because that is something I would virtually never do because my "training" (by experience) over the years is that I do not make permanent changes to the "environment" unless that, in fact, is the very purpose of the code that I am writing (a very rare event!). And the reason for this is because doing such a thing may "break" some unrelated "else". (I have to admit that when I think about it much I find it rather unlikely that that would really be the case here; but then my deep "training" in such situations makes doing something like that just plain uncomfortable so if I absolutely don't have to do it I won't. And doing such a thing also makes the code somewhat "vulnerable" to being moved to another location (machine).)

- Dan
[FOX] Ultimate Translator