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Retrieve previous prefix matched word from console buffer

It would be great if there was a way to copy text from the console buffer to the command line based on a prefix matched backward (and forward) search.

Let me illustrate with an example:

[BOOTCAMP] [none] 19:35 0:00:00.38 205607M c:\users\sigmund\downloads\sqlite>git lg -4
*  (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) 0f291363c Use the OP_Sequence opcode for generating unique rowid values for an.. (34 hours ago) <D. Richard Hipp>
*  c87d96aab Ensure that when an ephemeral cursor is reopened with a second invoc.. (3 days ago) <Dan Kennedy>
*  9177db622 Fix a typo in an option name for the .dbconfig command in shell.c.in.. (8 days ago) <Dan Kennedy>
*  3c5cdfecf Fix a problem with handling with handling quoted path elements in ex.. (12 days ago) <Dan Kennedy>

If I now want to invoke my git review alias with the "c87d96aab" commit hash, then I would like to type "gitr c8" and hit Ctrl+Shift+, to copy the closest prefix matched word to the command line.

The currently matched word would preferably be highlighted, and one could continue the search backwards in the console buffer by repeatedly hitting Ctrl+Shift+, . Hitting Ctrl+Shift+. would search back again in the opposite direction.

This would eliminate the use of the mouse when copying text from the console buffer, and also allow retrieving information from the part of the console buffer that is currently not visible.

PS. This suggestion is heavily inspired by the Word Completion feature in SlickEdit :smile:
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If there is a "Take Command v26 Call for Features", then please consider a way to copy/retrieve text from the console buffer without having to use the mouse. This would be a most welcome workflow improvement feature.