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Done Rippable Tabs


Staff member
Rippable Tabs

In Sublime Text I can grab a tab window and rip it out of the editor only to have it spawn what looks like another instance of the editor with that tab window in it. I can then rip the tab out of the secondary window and place it back in the first window and have it become a tab in that new window and the instance of sublime is shut down if it's the last tab.

This kind of behaviour would be awesome. I am often kicking off a build and I want to move it to another monitor. At the moment I have to detatch the tab by right clicking and manually detatching it to move it to the other monitor. I would love if I could just rip the tab out, place it in my peripherial vision on the other monitor and get back to work with my other tabs.

Anonymous on March 04, 2015 19:09