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Done Screen capture in color


Scott Mintz
Add the ability to capture screen content to the clipboard, but keep the color information. So it would probably have to be captured in RTF or HTML.

I have copied screen content to emails numerous times. It would be nice to capture the colors as well as the text.
Thee is the Snippet utility - START > Accessories > Snipping tool. And it does save colors...
That doesn't save text. It saves a bitmap. It's basically just an adjustable Print-Screen.

The difference is:
0000: 9B 5C 4E 61 FC 9E 2C FB 03 7E 7B CC 0B 5F B8 A6 .\Na..,..~{.._..
0010: 11 BF 8F AF 2B EA EC 07 6F 7D E0 7C 96 EF F3 CC ....+...o}.|....
0020: 23 A7 B6 5A 1C ED 3A C2 A9 F0 FA 51 24 E3 05 90 #..Z..:....Q$...
0030: 12 ED 10 01 25 D6 F2 FF 8A 7A 2F 3D E6 14 BD 3C ....%....z/=...<

[C:\Program Files\LunaSA\CSP\test]

What exactly do you want saved ... the screen? ... the whole console screen buffer? ... the visible portion of the console screen buffer? And what do you want to view it with?

4CONSOLE has SAVECSB, which saves the text. With a little HTML help, I suppose I could add color tags to it.

4CONSOLE also has
v:\> savecon /?
SAVECON file - save console text, attributes, and metrics

v:\> rstrcon /?
RSTRCON file - restore saves console (see SAVECON)

v:\> conimage /?
CONIMAGE filename - save an image of the console

v:\> conrestore /?
CONRESTORE filename - restore a saved console image

IIRC, those two pairs of commands do pretty much the same thing. The saved file is not human readable.
Today, in TCMD, I can use the mouse to select text on the screen and copy, copy+paste, copy+paste+run. I'd like to select the text on the screen the same way, but copy the text to the clipboard in RTF so it captures the text and formatting. It's purely a cosmetic thing and not all that important.

I don't think I've ever saved the entire console buffer in the 25+ years I've been using JP Soft products.