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Take Command / TCC Help v. 29

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Detecting TCC and Take Command

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From a batch file, you can determine if TCC is loaded by doing a numeric comparison:


if 01 == 1 echo Take Command is loaded!


In TCC, this is a numeric comparison and true; in CMD it is a string comparison and false. Once you have established that the batch file is running in TCC, you can use internal variables like _CMDPROC, _4VER, _DOS, _DOSVER, and _WIN to further determine the operating environment.


You can determine if TCC is running in a Take Command tab window with the internal variable _TCTAB:


if %_tctab == 1 echo TCC is running in a Take Command tab window!


You can prevent your batch file from running in CMD by giving it the .BTM extension. CMD doesn't recognize .BTM files as batch files.