EBCDIC Options

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EBCDIC Options


You can specify the EBCDIC record format and record length by using the RECFM and LRECL options.



Use this to specify the record format. The record format can be one of V, VB, F or U. If the file uses carriage control, you can also specify the type of carriage control by appending one of A, M or Z. An S may be appended to signify that the file contains ASCII characters (instead of EBCDIC).



Use this to specify the record length for fixed length files (RECFM=F). This is not required for RECFM=V/VB/U.




         V Filename /RECFM=F /LRECL=132

         V Filename /RECFM=FM /LRECL=80

         V Filename /RECFM=VBA

         V Filename /RECFM=VS



Click here for further details on EBCDIC record formats





V can usually auto-detect RECFM=V/VB files, so it is not necessary to specify these formats on the command line. However, V cannot detect if the file contains carriage control. If it does, you will need to use the RECFM option to specify the type of carriage control (eg, /RECFM=VA).