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Take Command / TCC Help v. 28

@MAKEAGE[date[,time[,format]]] : Converts date and time (if included) to an age, a single value in the same format as @FILEAGE.


@MAKEAGE accepts an optional third parameter specifying the date format:


1USA (mm/dd/yy)
2Europe (dd/mm/yy)
3Japan (yy/mm/dd)
4 ISO (yyyy-mm-dd)
5ISO 8601 (yyyy-Www-d)
6ISO 8601 (yyyy-ddd)        


@MAKEAGE can be used to compare the time stamp of a file with a specific date and time, for example:


if %@fileage[myfile] lt %@makeage[1/1/85] echo OLD!


@AGEDATE is the inverse of this function.




echo %@makeage[%_date]



echo %@makeage[%_date,%_time]



See also: Time Stamps, @FILEAGE, @AGEDATE.