@REGBWRITE[HKEY...\subkey\value,type,handle,length]: Write a value from a binary buffer to the registry.


 type : The type of key. @REGBWRITE supports keys of type REG_BINARY and REG_NONE.

 handle : A buffer previously created with @BALLOC.

 length : The length (in bytes) to write to the registry key.


If @REGBWRITE succeeds, it returns "0", otherwise it returns the Windows error number.


If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows, you can access the 64-bit registry instead of the 32-bit registry by appending "_64" to the HKEY name.


If the key name begins with \\machinename, @REGBWRITE opens the registry on a remote machine. The remote registry service must be running on the remote machine, and you must have access and permissions. The HKEY parameter can be one of the following keys:






Note: Remember to use quotes around any entry containing spaces or commas!