@SERVER[machinename,info] : Returns information about the specified server machinename, where info is the type of information you want. The types are:


Name - return the server name


Comment - return the server comment


Version - the OS version (major version + minor version).


Users - the number of users who can attempt to log on the server.


Disconnect - the auto-disconnect time, in minutes.


Hidden - returns 1 if the server is hidden, 0 if it is visible


UserPath - the path to user directories


Type - return the type of the server. This is a combination of the following hex flags (you can use the .AND. operator in IF / IFF to test individual flags):


1A LAN Manager workstation
2A LAN Manager server
4Any server running with Microsoft SQL Server
8Primary domain controller
0x10Backup domain controller
0x20Server running the Timesource service
0x40Apple File Protocol server
0x80Novell server
0x100LAN Manager 2.x domain member
0x200Server sharing print queue
0x400Server running dial-in service
0x800Unix/Linux server
0x1000Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows NT
0x2000Server running Windows for Workgroups
0x4000Microsoft File and Print for NetWare
0x8000Windows server that is not a domain controller
0x10000Server that can run the browser service
0x20000Server running a browser service as backup
0x40000Server running the master browser service
0x80000Server running the domain master browser
0x400000Windows 95/98/Me
0x1000000Server clusters available in the domain
0x2000000Terminal Server
0x4000000Cluster virtual servers available in the domain
0x40000000Servers maintained by the browser
0x80000000Primary domain