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Take Command / TCC Help v. 27

@XMLHASXPATH[["filename",],xpath] : Returns 1 if the xpath exists in the XML file, or 0 if it doesn't.


If you do not specify a filename, @XMLHASXPATH will use the file previously opened by @XMLOPEN.


@XMLHASXPATH may be used to check if an xpath exists before setting it via @XMLXPATH.


The XML parser in TCC implements a subset of the XML XPath specification, allowing you to point to specific elements in the XML documents. The xpath is a series of one or more element accessors separated by '/'. The path can be absolute (starting with '/') or relative to the current XPath location.

The following are possible values for an element accessor:


A particular element name


The i-th subelement of the current element with the given name


The i-th subelement of the current element


The last subelement of the current element


The subelement located at the last location minus i in the current element


The subelement containing a particular value for a given attribute (supports single AND double quotes)


The parent of the current element