Organizing Favorites


You may add, delete, move and edit favorites by selecting "Organize Favorites" from the Favorites menu. A favorite may be moved to a new position by simply dragging it and dropping it into its new position. The favorite will be placed before the entry on which it was dropped.


Favorites may be created by pressing the "Insert File" or "Insert Directory" buttons. "Insert Copy" will create a copy of the currently highlighted favorite. "Insert Separator" will insert a separator into the Favorites menu.


Organizing into Submenus


If you have many favorites, you will probably find it useful to organize them into submenus. To create a new submenu, press the "Insert Submenu" button.


To move a favorite into an empty submenu, simply drop it onto the submenu name. If the submenu is not empty, it will expand so you can drop the favorite into the required position. The dropped favorite will be placed *before* the entry it is dropped on. If you want to place the favorite at the *end* of the submenu, drop it onto the submenu name you want it placed under.


If you want to move a favorite so that it is positioned just before a submenu, you need to press the SHIFT key as you drop the favorite onto the submenu you want it to precede. If you do not press the SHIFT key, the favorite will be placed inside the submenu.


For further details on modifying favorites, see the following:


         Favorite Files

         Sorting Favorites

         Using Numeric Drive Letters in path names


Pressing the More button displays a menu that allows you to sort, export and import.




You cannot create a submenu within a submenu.