The following may be specified for a favorite file:


File Path

The file name. Press the "..." button to browse. You can use numeric drive letters in the file path which will be expanded depending on the environment in which V is being run. Click here for further details.



If this is enabled, the file position is set to the end of the file.



The favorite is viewed in Hex mode.



The favorite is viewed in EBCDIC mode.


Restore File Position

If this is enabled, the file position will be restored. Otherwise, the file will be viewed from the start.


The file position consists of:


Line Number

The line number at which to position the file. If the file is to be opened in Hex mode, this will refer to a Hex offset instead of a line number.



The column position.



The chunk to load (if the file is large enough to be loaded in chunks)


Shortcut Key

You can assign a keyboard shortcut to this Favorite so that is it executed every time the keyboard shortcut is entered. Simply click in the Shortcut Key box and enter the desired key combination. Press the ESCape key to clear the shortcut key. A beep will sound if the shortcut key is currently assigned.


Blank File name


The file name may be left blank. In this case, only the file position and/or mode will be modified.