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Take Command / TCC Help v. 29


Usually when marking blocks that span several lines, complete lines in the block are highlighted - except for maybe the first and last line in the block, which may be partially highlighted.


Sometimes you may only want to highlight text that appears in certain columns. You may do this by pressing the Control key as you drag the mouse over the text to be selected. In this case, the highlighted area will form a rectangle consisting of only the required columns. Note that it is not necessary to continue pressing the Control key as you are marking the text - only when you begin to mark the text.


When you copy the column selection to the clipboard (or save it to a file), only the text in the highlighted columns is copied/saved.




Column marking is not available in HEX mode.

Once a column is marked, it may be extended by shift-clicking, as described in the How to mark blocks section.

If the columns contain numbers, you can have V add them together and display the sum in the status bar.

Although it is possible to mark columns if V is unregistered, you may only copy the selected text to the clipboard (or save it to a file) once V has been registered.