Files can be viewed (and printed) with a greenbar effect. This is where each alternating line is a different color. To enable, simply press the Greenbar icon in the toolbar.


Greenbar Options


The greenbar effect can be customized by clicking on the small arrow next to the Greenbar icon on the toolbar.


Greenbar Background Color

Click on this button to select the Greenbar color. Right-click on the button to select one of several pre-defined colors. You can select a different greenbar color for display and printing.


Number of lines to greenbar

By default, the greenbar color will alternate after every line. This option allows you to increase the number of consecutive lines that are "greenbarred".


Start greenbar at line 1

Enable this option if you want the greenbar coloring to start from line 1.


Do not greenbar line numbers

If you enable this option, the greenbar colors will not extend to the line number portion of the line.


Do not change color for wrapped lines

Enabling this option ensures that the greenbar color does not change if it has been wrapped. That is, the entire line will be displayed in the same color, regardless of how many lines it wraps to.