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Take Command / TCC Help v. 28

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The File View

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The File View is the view in which the file is displayed. The view can be in one of two modes - Text and Hex, and can be configured in several ways.


The font in which the file is displayed may be selected from the Fonts section of the Preferences Dialog box. Note that V only supports non-proportional (or fixed pitch) display fonts - like Courier.


Right-clicking on any part of the File View will display a pop-up menu containing most of the available commands.


The following sections describe the File View in greater detail:


         The Toolbar

         Text Mode

         Hex Mode

         Unicode Files

         Flat Text Mode

         End of Line


         Start Offset


         The Ruler

         Line Numbers

         Line Wrapping

         Column Fixing

         Line Lengths                

         OEM Character Set





         Block Marking

         File Chunks

         Greenbar Mode

         File Tailing


Click here for details on how to configure V to view multiple files.