Fonts in Take Command

Working at the prompt involves scanning masses of text, which can lead to eyestrain and headaches. You want to make the process as easy and comfortable as you can. It's been well known for centuries that typeface design can make printed material easier (or harder) to read. The same is true of computer fonts. If you're going to spend hours staring at a computer screen, then a few minutes selecting a comfortable, easily legible font is a worthwhile investment of your time.


It is easier to configure fonts in Take Command's tabbed windows than in a regular console window, and you have more freedom of choice. You can use any monospaced font installed on your computer without having to edit the registry. You can even select italics if you wish. (If your chosen font includes a separate italic character set, Take Command will use that rather than just slanting the upright characters.)


To choose a font for the console pane, open the Take Command configuration dialog (Options / Configure Take Command...), select the“Tabs” tab and press the Font button. All the fixed-width fonts currently installed on your computer are listed in the selection window. Pick one, then choose a style and point size, and press OK. Your chosen font will be used for any program running in Take Command's tabbed console pane: not just TCC..


You should check that your selected font has all the characters you need, just as when choosing a font for the regular console window. You may need specific accented letters, or a non-Roman alphabet. You will also want the IBM line-drawing characters if you use DRAWBOX, DRAWHLINE, and DRAWVLINE.