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Take Command / TCC Help v. 28

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Video Tutorials


We're working on a series of video command prompt tutorials for Take Command and TCC. They will be posted here as soon as they are available.


An Introduction to Take Command

Creating and Debugging Windows Batch Files


Basic Tutorials


Take Command is a rich environment that allows you complete control of your Windows systems. We have created some quick command prompt tutorials that describe the basic features of the Take Command environment and the TCC scripting languge. You will come up learning curve faster if you take a few moments to look through these documents and videos.


Introduction to Take Command

Scripting Language Basics

Triggers (Event Monitoring)

Take Command In the Internet World


Customizing the Take Command Environment


Take Command is the GUI component, providing the tabbed console windows in which TCC, and other console programs like CMD.EXE and PowerShell run. It also provides file-management windows, a tabbed toolbar, and other graphical amenities, along with the framework they all fit into.


Many of Take Command's customization options are available in the Take Command configuration dialog, which you start with the "Configure Take Command..." selection in the Options menu. (Note that this is a different dialog from the OPTION dialog used to configure TCC.)


Rearranging Windows



Defining Hotkeys

The Tabbed Tool Bar

Startup Programs

Other Take Command Tweaks


Customizing the TCC Environment


TCC.EXE is the command prompt interpreter included with Take Command. It's the brains of the package, the program which accepts your commands from the keyboard or from a batch file, parses and executes them. TCC is usually run within a tab window in the Take Command interface. It can also be run by itself, in a regular console window outside of the Take Command environment, for a more spartan experience. The customizations in this section are specifically for TCC, whether it's run within the Take Command interface or by itself.


Input and Error Colors

Customizing the Prompt

Console Fonts

Filename Completion

Aliases Overview

Command Aliases

Keystroke Aliases

Directory Aliases

Colorized Directories

Other Command-Line Tweaks