There are no separate trial and registered versions of Take Command. Without registration, a trial version is fully functional for 30 days of use.




At any time you can apply your current personal registration information to a trial version in order to turn it into a registered product. Use the command VER /R from the TCC prompt to verify the status of the copy you are currently running. You can also view the Help/About menu entry in Take Command.


When you purchase a new or upgrade copy of Take Command, you will receive an email with your name and registration key. Start Take Command, click on the Options menu entry and then Configure Take Command. Select the Register tab and enter the registration information exactly as you received it in the email. Remember to save your registration key in a safe place in case you need to reinstall. If you have lost your registration key, you can request a replacement by contacting JP Software at [email protected].


If you do not have internet access from the computer you wish to register, you can request a key (from a machine that does have internet access) by clicking on the "Request Manual Key" button and following the prompts.


If you need to remove your Take Command registration from a computer, select the Unregister button and enter the activation key you used to register Take Command.


The "USB (Portable) key" option allows you to generate a registration key on the USB (thumb) drive & directory of your choice. You an also now create a USB registration key even if you have already registered Take Command on the computer.