Installing Take Command

You can download the latest version of Take Command from our website at:


To install Take Command, run the downloaded self-extracting installer (tcmd.exe). Take Command uses the Windows Installer, so the installation options will be the same as most other Windows applications.


After selecting the installation folder, the installer will ask if you want to create shortcuts on the Desktop, Start Menu Programs folder, and/or Startup folder. (The Desktop and Start Menu Programs folder are checked by default.)


The installer will then ask if you wish to associate .BAT, .BTM, and .CMD batch files with Take Command or TCC. (You can select any combination, or none.)


The installer will not create any of the user-defined files (the TCMD.INI configuration file, or the TCSTART and TCEXIT batch files). If you are upgrading from a previous version of Take Command, you can use your existing files. If you do not have a TCMD.INI file, one will be created for you automatically when you change any of the Take Command or TCC options (in the Options menu, or the TCC OPTION command).