Take Command offers a number of keyboard shortcuts to change windows. If you are in a tab window, you need to set the Left Alt Key or Right Alt Key and Left Ctrl Key or Right Ctrl Key options in the Take Command tab options dialog. (Otherwise the keystroke will be sent to the console application rather than being interpreted by Take Command.)


All Windows


Alt-F4Closes the Take Command window
Ctrl-TabPops up a window allowing you to select the File Explorer, or any of the tab windows.
Alt-F6Cycle through the File Explorer, Command Input, and the active tab windows. If the File Explorer window is disabled, Alt-F6 will toggle between the Command Input window and the active tab window.


Tab Window


Ctrl-F4Close the active tab window
Ctrl-WClose the active tab window
Ctrl-TOpen a new tab
Ctrl-InsCopy the selected text to the clipboard
Ctrl-Shift-CAppend the selected text to the clipboard
Ctrl-VPaste the clipboard contents to the command line
Alt-LeftChange to the previous tab window
Alt-RightChange to the next tab window
Alt-UpScroll tab window buffer up one line
Alt-DownScroll tab window buffer down one line
Alt-PgUpScroll tab window buffer up one page
Alt-PgDnScroll tab window buffer down one page
Alt-HomeScroll to the beginning of the tab window buffer
Alt-EndScroll to the end of the tab window buffer


The Tab Window keys can be changed by right-clicking on the Take Command menu, and selecting Customize / Keyboard.


You can customize menu shortcut keys by right clicking on the Take Command menu bar and selecting "Customize / Keyboard".