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Take Command / TCC Help v. 28

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Take Command Interface

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The Take Command Window


Onestep        The Take Command Window

Onestep        Menus

Onestep        Tabbed Tool Bar

Onestep        File Explorer

Onestep        Command Input

Onestep        Tab Windows

Onestep        Status Bar

Onestep        Keyboard Shortcuts

Onestep        Context Menus

Onestep        Using the Scrollback Buffer

Onestep        Highlighting and Copying Text

Onestep        Resizing the Window

Onestep        Drag & Drop

Onestep        Macro Recorder

Onestep        Take Command Dialogs


Starting Applications


Onestep        Starting Windows Applications


Take Command and the Windows Environment


Onestep        Resizing the Take Command Window

Onestep        Drag and Drop


Take Command and TCC


Onestep        Take Command and TCC Integration