The IDE window has a Status Bar that displays tooltips when you move the cursor over menu entries.


The status bar also displays the following information:


The current cursor position (column and row)

The Unicode value of the character at the current cursor location

The edit window size (columns x rows)

The CPU usage (0 - 100%)

The memory load (0 - 100%)

The state of the Caps Lock key

The state of the Num Lock key

The state of the Insert key

The state of the Scroll Lock key

The current date

The current time


If you are using TCC syntax, and the first command on the line is an internal TCC command, the IDE will display the quick usage help on left side of the status bar.


You can hide the status bar fields by right clicking on the status bar and unchecking the fields you don't want to see.


There is a slider in the right corner that allows you to change the transparency level of the IDE window. You can also change the transparency with Ctrl-Shift-Mousewheel.