Purpose:TMP displays or modifies the 10 temporary pseudo character devices available in TCC (TMP0: - TMP9:)


Format:TMP [/C tmpn:] [/S tmpn: text] [/Z]


/C - Clear

/S - Set TMP text

/Z - Clear all


See also CLIP.




TCC supports multiple temporary character devices. They are numbered from TMP0: - TMP9:. TMP0: - TMP9: are only accessible to TCC internal commands and variable functions.


TMP0: - TMP9: are similar to CLIP-: - CLIP9:, but are a little faster because they always work in UTF16 (so they don't translate to/from ANSI), and they don't need to access the Windows Clipboard (for CLIP0:). They also do not rotate like CLIPn: when something is pasted to the Windows Clipboard. Like CLIPn:,  TMPn: values are local to the current session of TCC.


The /C and /S options accept either TMPn: (i.e., TMP0: to TMP9:), or just the digit 0 - 9.


If you don't specify any arguments, TMP will display the current contents of TMP0: - TMP9:.




/CClears TMP n.


/SSets TMP n to text


/ZClears all the temporary devices