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  1. C

    Control Everything CPU usage at startup?

    TC v23 on Win10 Pro x64 When the computer starts up Everything starts running, taking >50% of the CPU. It takes as much as >90% for significant bits of time. This leaves the computer pretty much unusable... s there a way to limit the CPU use by Everything? I don't care if it takes longer to...
  2. K

    Everything installation

    1. I already have Everything installed on my machine. Should I remove it and install tcc with Everything enabled to get full functionality? 2. If I have both tcc 20 and tcc 21 installed with Everything, does Everything collide, or have problems? 3. If I have Everything installed via tcc 21...
  3. Alpengreis

    [v2problems0.x] After Update always "" with Everything

    I have a "problem" since TC v20.x on my Win 10 x64 (1607) (not before under v19.x). After update from restricted user account with elevated installing (after UAC prompt), Everything loses some or all preferences, even the language and most annoying, it starts then as Administrator instead as...
  4. mikea

    Documentation Consider expanding the docs for 'Everything' a bit

    I've been trying to learn more about the Everything tool. I couldn't find a "restrict search for drive 'x'" option in the dialog that appears if you type "everything" without arguments. Well, it's simple enough — restrict a search to drive D: everything d:file-spec And everything d:\file-spec...
  5. Alpengreis

    Small things to change in installer and after installed Everything

    1) Installer shows this while german install (reported already earlier but here too, because it's a summary): As you can see is the text truncated. EDIT: Fixed since version v19.10.51, thanks! 2) Installer shows this while german install: Text should be translated. 3) Installer shows...