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[v2problems0.x] After Update always "" with Everything

I have a "problem" since TC v20.x on my Win 10 x64 (1607) (not before under v19.x).

After update from restricted user account with elevated installing (after UAC prompt), Everything loses some or all preferences, even the language and most annoying, it starts then as Administrator instead as service (after system reboot too). Of course I had selected "as service" while install process.

Here an example screen:


So, I have to fix all the prefs after each update of TC.

How can I avoid this, resp. why was this not the case in v19.x?

Have nice rest of weekend all!

EDIT: I had wrote another title, the forum soft, Browser of whatever changed it automatically to this senseless words ...I believe it was:
[v20.x] After Update always "problem" with Everything
I have to fix that and I have to click "NTFS" and tell it to include the drive. I've gotten used to doing this every update.
If you make sure the last modified time (dir /T:w /km everything.ini) is more recent than the create time (dir /T:c /km everything.ini) the file should not be overwritten.

Little background (you might stop reading right now):
in an MSI you can treat an INI file as a file that has to be copied, or as a set of entries that have to be "inserted" in an INI file (like %@INIWRITE ) . Updater.ini is an example of the latter; everything.ini is an example of the first.
everything.ini is an unversioned file, which means that it is considered "userdata". It only gets copied when the file does not already exists on disk OR creation time >= last modified time (*). So the idea is that the file only will be copied when the user didn't make changes to it.

Well, at least that is how regular MSI's function. But there is this Advanced Installer thing. It is basically a front end for developing MSI's and changes quite a lot in the MSI backend. It makes it hard to follow the "flow" of the MSI.
So: not completely sure if this will work out. You have to try for yourself.

(*) Bad news: in the MSI are also quite some files (like DLL's) that should be versioned, but are not. If somehow the last modified time of these files changes, they will not be updated.
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