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Everything installation

1. I already have Everything installed on my machine. Should I remove it and install tcc with Everything enabled to get full functionality?

2. If I have both tcc 20 and tcc 21 installed with Everything, does Everything collide, or have problems?

3. If I have Everything installed via tcc 21, do I lose Everything functionality from the Windows cmd line?

I just upgraded to V21 and want to be cautious. I'll remove V20 when V21 is happy!

Thanks - Ken
Everything runs as a service, and programs that need to find it will find the server, rather than the hard-disk files.

Everything runs under multiple installs of tcc. TCC might look in its directory for everything-files, but the service that answers the call is the one running.

ES.EXE, the voidtools command line utility, will work even if you put it in your utilities directory. It does not need to see the everything files, just the service. The same applies to the full version of the V file viewer (this has an 'everything' search option), so you don't loose the everything-search functionality here, either.

So you will not have problems there.

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