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  1. T

    Take Command v21 on Windows Server

    Is it possible to install TC v21 on Windows Server?
  2. N

    Cannot install

    I just downloaded TCMD ver 21.0build 25 and it doesn't install. The installation proceeds normally to the point where it says "Updating component registration", but the progress bar never shows anything. If I click the X, it asks if I am sure I want to close, I say yes, but it remains open. I...
  3. Alpengreis

    [v2problems0.x] After Update always "" with Everything

    I have a "problem" since TC v20.x on my Win 10 x64 (1607) (not before under v19.x). After update from restricted user account with elevated installing (after UAC prompt), Everything loses some or all preferences, even the language and most annoying, it starts then as Administrator instead as...
  4. D

    V19 fails to install on Win7-64bit, installer says:

    [SEH_AV_READ_BADPTR] ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at address [0x045e9b36] Advanced Installer Enhanced UI 12.6.1 build 67698 *** Stack Trace (x86) *** [0x045e9b36] DllGetClassObject() [0x5c343677] ----- [0x652e6373] ----- [0x20226578] ----- [0x67726174] ----- [0x69647465] -----...