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Cannot install

I just downloaded TCMD ver 21.0build 25 and it doesn't install. The installation proceeds normally to the point where it says "Updating component registration", but the progress bar never shows anything. If I click the X, it asks if I am sure I want to close, I say yes, but it remains open. I can close it with the task manager. If I try to run the installer again, I get a small progress bar with Chines writing, obviously not what I want. I tried downloading again, but I get the same result.
That’s a Windows (i.e., Microsoft) error, not TCMD. (It’s running MSIEXEC / Windows Installer.)

Sometimes problems like this are resolved by rebooting Windows and trying again.

You didn’t say what version of Windows you’re running, and whether it’s x86 or x64. If it’s x64, you can try downloading the MSI version of the Take Command installer instead:


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