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  1. Alpengreis

    Installation (v29): License screen "problem" in german language ...

    There is a small "problem" while installation dialogue for the license screen for german version: It does truncate the first line before you "activate" the window ... ... after it looks good ...
  2. G

    4NT on Windows 10

    I am trying to run 4NT on Windows 10 and if I brand it (br4nt) it says success but when I open the console it still comes back and says not licensed. I would prefer to use 4NT as I have scripts, aliases etc which I have tried before on tcc.exe do not work
  3. W

    Unable to register TCMD v21

    I received an email about the new version 21, so I purchased the upgrade. I downloaded the installer and, when finished, launched TCC. I was informed that TCMD 21 trial had expired, even though it was a first-time install. I selected the "Register" button, and the Register dialog was...
  4. Steve Pitts

    Licensing and virtual machines

    Rex, I have seen you make the following statement on more than one occasion - "A single-system license [...] allows you to install Take Command on up to three systems (such as office, home, & laptop) provided they're used by the same user and not in use at the same time other than for...
  5. Daniel P

    How to Purchase a Multi-System License for TCC?

    Hi, I am afraid I could not really figure out how to purchase a Multi-System License and if it's the right license for me. I need to install TCC on 2-3 Computers for my personal use: Laptop (VM), Home Office and Work - and I assume I go best with a Multi-System License!? I ask myself: 1...