4NT on Windows 10

Sep 8, 2008
I am trying to run 4NT on Windows 10 and if I brand it (br4nt) it says success but when I open the console it still comes back and says not licensed. I would prefer to use 4NT as I have scripts, aliases etc which I have tried before on tcc.exe do not work
Nov 2, 2008
I have managed to get every version of 4NT to work on Windows 7, with the exception of version 7.

You either need to draw registry scripts or brand it in a 'run as administrator' session. The main version of 4NT and TC32 i run is 8.02.070 in the INI_KEY form. It creates a key-file in the directory and does not use the registry. It helped me through a few times when tcc did not like my setup etc.
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