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4DOS just won't die...



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One might note that the DOS scene nowadays is largely restricted to the dusty decks and enthusiasts.

vDOS pretty much emulates the way DOS boxes used to run in the 1980s, largely so that people can run 1980s programs. Computers typically booted to a menu, and you select the application from there. But i thought it strange about them jagging the support for 4DOS, because even fully-blown gui DOS proggies still sometimes call the DOS prompt (eg int 2E interface).

I have been known to cobble a number of proggies running under REXX and 4DOS to do useful things. I once wrote a program in QBASIC that emulated an IBM line printer to convert output into formatted windows documents. This involved calling down to a DOS session.

Enthusiasts will run the most essetaric things. In any case, they usually will run Windows bare rather than in the days of Win31, replacing the shell with something useful like tcmd16, ndw , praxim or wps/windows.