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C. Dye's fixnames

[C:\Users\Galloway\Desktop\URLS]plugin /i
Module: c:\TCMD\Plugins\fixnames\FixNames-x64.dll
Name: FixNames
Author: Charles Dye
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://prospero.unm.edu/plugins/fixnames.html
Description: Renames filenames containing troublesome characters
Implements: fixnames
Version: 0.28 Build 0

A minor change - is it a good idea to have it also handle ' characters? Or anyone know the @replace command to do such please?

Also the /A option is not documented at the website listed above..
I don't think that the apostrophe causes any trouble in filenames. I certainly hope not; I'm already using it as the replacement for the grave accent / backquote.
Oh sorry - I meant the Char[44] result..... the "," - sorry -

Just if FixNames could do:

for %fn in ("*,*") ren "%fn" "%@replace[%@char[44],_,%fn]"
The command you give works fine for me. You can boil it down a bit to:
for %fn in ("*,*") ren "%fn" "%@replace[,,_,%fn]"