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FIXNAMES problem

There is a very long continous line of screen output if the plugin is called:

FIXNAMES /E /S * > fixnames.out

Can't remember if Fixnames.out actually contains anyhting after Fixnames is finished.
The summary line? Aside from error messages, the only output I can find that isn't redirectable is the final summary.
Charles, I have just ran Fixnames and generated the fixnames files inside fixnames.zip - besides the summary not looking to readable - fixnames did say it couldn't fix the name of one JPG.


I've uploaded a new build, which should hopefully fix your redirection issue. I've also added a check for the unfortunate combination of /E with a =7C in the filename.
Looks like redirection isn't fixed - and the plugin is failing on one rename...


The line in .OUT where "Fixed 1" appears - I think the rename should be in before the same line.


re: Grand total line
fixed + failed + skipped = found
fixed = successful renames
failed = not successful renames
skipped = files that match the pattern on the command line but don't need to have the name fixed.....
Then for my comments made earlier tonight:

for each directory/folder that FixNames is to be executed in, the following lines should appear

OldFileName > NewfileName
FixNames plugin: Whatever the error is.....

After all directories/folders are done - then the grand total line should appear
GRAND TOTAL: Found 1,387,469, fixed 1, failed 0, skipped 1,387,468
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