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FileUtils @ISABATCH feature request

The flags value lets you alter the function’s operation:
1 search the current directory before the search path
128 return the first matching filename, not a numeric value

Please consider adding
2  search the apps in the Windows App Paths registry key
(HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths )
after the search path.
Can you have batch files in AppPaths? I thought it was only for executables. How does that work?
Thanks for the quick addition, Charles.

Well, you can't invoke a .BAT file if you make an entry for it in AppPaths, but this addition allows @ISABATCH to return the name of a .COM or .EXE file found in AppPaths when invoked with flags=130 (or 131). Thank you. (Without the 128 flag, but with the 2 flag, @ISABATCH returns 0 if it finds .COM or .EXE in AppPaths, but the status 0 is indistinguishable from the status 0 for target not found.)