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Generate Source Code from Flow Chart

I was looking for a simple flow charting program, and came across Flowgorithm.

Not only is it a simple flow charting program, it can generate source code for many languages.

I will use this flow chart I created as an example;

I then click on Tools -> Source Code Viewer, and I am presented with, in this case, the LUA code that was generated from the flowchart.

I can now save the source code, and run it from TCC;
e:\utils>which lua
lua is an internal command

e:\utils>lua flow.lua

Flowgorithm comes with code generators for a few languages;

Note also the Open...

From the website;
If your programming language and/or pseudocode is not listed, Flowgorithm supports customizable program templates. These are simple text files that can be written with any text editor. Once loaded, your flowchart can be automatically converted to the target syntax.

Thus, a Program Template could be created, so that TCC .BTM source code would be generated from the flow chart.

Posting this here mainly for my future reference, but passing it on in the event that others may find it useful.

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Do folks still flowchart? I haven't since the days of the National Cash Register Company. But I still have my template for drawing the symbols.
Do folks still flowchart? Not likely, although I remember drawing Activity Diagrams on the whiteboard back in the early 1990's.

Mind you, back when I did flowcharting (pre AS/400 era) by hand, I also had to generate my own code.

We did have a CASE tool, but I never used it. I remember it used a Dongle to limit its use to one person at a time.

Rob van der Woude's WMIGen generates source code for many languages, but only in relation to WMI.

Much easier to use Flowgorithm to create logic for a program, and generate source code from that, rather than converting the source code from language A to language B.