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Global command not working

I have a situation. I have a folder where ill behaved software don't clean up after exiting and leave a lot of .tmp files in various folder levels. I need to backup the folder but without these*.tmp files. I try to clean these up by using following command as suggested in the help file ....

global /S10 del *.tmp

The immediate response is "file not found" when I know and can see the files in Total Commander.

I need to run this from a batch file which will go through the routine and at the end of the process depending on the day of the week it will either hibernate or shutdown.

Any suggestions?


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    Global error.png
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From what you say it looks like your E:\PortableApps directory has no *.tmp files in it. Del is therefore returning an error when it attempts to delete the *.tmp files in that directory and the Global command stops.

You can overcome that by using the /i option which tells Global to ignore errors:
global /i /s del *.tmp

Alternatively, you could avoid Global (which is really intended for use with external commands) and just use the /s option of Del to delete the files in the subdirectories:
del /s *.tmp
Tried them both and they worked. Thanks once again.

BTW There were no *.tmp files in the E:\Portable Apps folder itself but a whole lot of them in subfolders up to 5 & 6 levels deep.

I use a number of applications in portable format running off of USB drive to keep my machine and registry free of clutter and carry them on service calls to have exactly what I want available on hand.

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