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Just a verification regarding "Iff" and both "status test(s)" and "relational expression(s)"...

One can't write a conditional expression that takes the form (as a simple example): "EXIST afilename .AND. aVariable != 0", correct?
YES. But beware: the parser evaluates everything in the conditional expression, so even if the first test fails, the second test will be executed. If the first needs to succeed or performing the second test itself causes errors, you need two separate tests, e.g., if %@ready[x:] if %@diskfree[x:,M] LT 100 ...
WAD -- the parser cannot know if you're going to reverse everything with an OR in the second (or third or fourth ...) test.
All I intended is to warn the user and provide an alternate method I have used for many years (which proves of my long-term awareness of the issue). I made no criticism of the parser's operation, nor did I attempt to explain the reasons for its design.

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