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WAD A complaint regarding a very irritating TCC installation behavior... (Bug?)

I just downloaded and installed the latest version of TCC (13.03.48) and when I installed it I "told" it that it could remove previous versions which I hadn't been doing in the past which why I had probably six or seven or even more side-by-side installations. Well, when I told the "installation" program that it could "remove previous versions", it removed one very significant item I totally didn't expect it to remove and which might cause me some large amount of time to "repair" because I am so slow. What did it remove that I didn't expect it to? My "Plugins" directory which was directly under the "JPSoft" directory and at the same "level" as the directories for all of the versions of Take Command/TCC. And I had a "Plugins" directory symbolically linked to that common "Plugins" directory that was directly under the "JPSoft" directory in the directory for each version of Take Command/TCC. Not what you would call "major", I suppose, but since I have to re-download and re-install all of those plugins and I'm so awfully slow this will probably take me several hours, which I honestly don't appreciate because I am so "backed up" due to, again, my almost terminal slowness. Now that I know that it will do this, I can avoid having it done in the future by placing the "Plugins" directory outside of JPSoft directory and symbolically link to it there, but I still really question whether or not it should have done that in the first place.

- Dan

- Dan
Hmmm! That surprises me a lot. The installer knows nothing of plugins and (in my experience) a typical uninstall only removes files that were "installed" (without even emptying or removing the directories they were in).
Definitely not a bug -- the installer did exactly what you asked it to do.

It's also not my program; if you don't like the way Windows Installer works you should send complaints directly to Microsoft.

Whoa! What did the Windows installer do? I just uninstalled TCMD v12 and the Windows installer left, intact, everything that was not "installed" with v12 (including my plugins dir, key files, tcstart, tcexit, INI files, GPF files). What exactly happened to Dan?
Well, guys, there seems to be some confusion here that I really don't understand. While I can totally understand that the installer program is not Rex's and therefore he's not directly responsible for its behavior, it is also true that it (apparently!) deleted everything in my JPSoft directory, not just the plugins, but, in contrast to what Vince says above, every file (and directory) in my JPSoft directory, not just the Plugins directory, but also the key files, tcstart, tcexit, INI files, GPF files, and every other miscellaneous file you might think of - the bottom line is there was absolutely nothing in my JPSoft directory other than what the installer had explicitly installed (forcing me to "start from scratch" in every possible way, tcstart, tceexit, INI files, whatever else you might think of), and I can't really come up with a scenario where I accidentally deleted those things myself (although with the number of screw-ups I make in any given day, anything is possible, I suppose). But what's done is done; I will just have to be sure to have "backup" copies of those things (in another directory completely outside of the JPSoft directory but maybe hard-linked to the files in that directory so that the files can be quickly "re-established" should this happen again without taking up too much actual disk space).

- Dan

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