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%$ Not retaining equal sign

Hello everyone,

Some time ago I wrote a small batch file that could be used to parse command line options and parameters. I use it daily and it works great.

I used the ":" to provide a value to a switch. For example:

GetOpt.btm /A:123

I would like to be able to use the '=' sign in addition to the ':' as most people are used to this. When I sent the following:

GetOpt.btm /A=123

the %$ variable seems to drop the equal sign and holds:

/A 123

How do I get the equal sign to be passed into my batch file so I end up with:


Thanks for your thoughts and help. I'm not sure if this can be worked around, but I'm hopeful.

Escape it as ^=.

Also read about the INI directive "CMDBatchDelimiters" in the help's "Batch File Parameters".
Consider the difference between %$ and %*.
~\Work> type x.bat
@echo off
echo %%* %*
echo %%$ %$

~\Work> x.bat foo /x=bar /y=3
%* foo /x=bar /y=3
%$ foo /x bar /y 3
Glad I was able to contribute something useful. Now I'm looking forward to your new version of GETOPT.BTM.

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