TCC & Auk

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May 16, 2008
Migrated From Jp Software Wiki

Awk is a pattern-action language. Perhaps the biggest hurdle to successfully using Awk with TCC is clashes in special characters. To avert excess head-scratching, put your awk scripts in a text file (typically with an extension of .awk), and use the -f {awk_script_filename} option of Awk.

One limitation of awk is that patterns are case-sensitive. To work around that, one can use functions built-in to Awk.

For example, suppose one wanted to print only lines containing the string "Whatever":

/Whatever/  {print $0}
To make the pattern case-INsensitive, one can use:

{if (match(tolower($0),"whatever")) print $0}
Also be aware that there are many variants of Awk available. Most have some unique features that will not work with other variants.