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Declined TOAST /image from a .DLL

TOAST presently allows one to select the image file to be displayed with the /image option.

I would like to suggest being allowed to also select an image from a dll. For example;
toast /image="shell32.dll,-154" /expire=15 /action=Yes /action=No /text1="Do you want to try to take over the world?"

I can presently do this using NirCmd.exe;
nircmd.exe trayballoon "Hello" "This is the text that will be appear inside the balloon !" "shell32.dll,-154" 10000

The only way to do this would be for TOAST to extract the image from the dll to a temporary file, and then automagically decide when it should delete the temporary file. I don't think this feature would be worth the cost in code or in processing time.

If you want to use an embedded image more than once, you're better off extracting it yourself and saving it to a permanent file. If you only want to use it once, you probably won't know how to find the image in the dll anyway.